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We are a digital marketing agency that focuses on copywriting, content, consulting etc.
Our ambition is to make your company look great whilst growing together.

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What do we do?

LeoCopyX is a digital marketing agency that deals with general marketing issues that may come with running a business such as SEO/SEM, content creation & managing your social plattforms.

With that being said, we provide services within copywriting & content.

We also help companies / individual launch their website from scratch and help them strategise their online presence with digital ads, posters etc.

LeoCopyX is all about helping your brand excel to new heights

Frequently Asked Questions

Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing. Copywriting can be applied almost anywhere in a business and can be vital to make your business grow.

Copywriter structures ads, websites, product description in order to persuade consumers to perform a desired action.

The copywriter needs:

  • Eye for detail
  • Language Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Broad Vocabulary
  • Different Perspectives
  • Trendy

Depending on your business needs, the copywriter is the safest channel to turn to.

If you need a website tailored to your needs, the copywriter often takes your idea and elevate it.

If your desire is to launch a campaign and you are not sure how to tackle the market, the copywriter helps you to target your audience the best way possible.

The price obviously varies from company to company. A copywriter can charge anywhere from $ 300 up to $ 4,000 depending on the task at hand.

LeoCopyX likes to tailor their price based on the company’s financial situation.